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All foster/adoptive parent workshops listed on the SWORTC website are open to all publicly licensed foster/adoptive parents.

Private Agency Foster Parents....Please Note
Private agency foster/adoptive parents will be permitted to attend training offered by the SWORTC under the following conditions:

  1. Space Available – As determined by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, foster parents licensed through a private agency may attend workshops offered by the SWORTC if there is space available after all foster parents who are licensed by the public agencies have registered.
  2. Training Allowance Relinquishment – Private agencies will not be charged an hourly fee to send their foster parents to training through the SWORTC. However, private agencies cannot claim the "Training Allowance" reimbursement provided by ODJFS for workshops offered by the SWORTC. The private agency will be subject to audit by ODJFS for data being accurately entered into FRED - the ODJFS automated tracking and reimbursement system. Foster Parent Stipend Payments are not affected by this arrangement. Agencies are still required to pay the foster parent stipend and are eligible for ODJFS reimbursement.
  3. Proper Registration of Training – Foster parents must register for SWORTC workshops through their Private Agency Training Contact Person. The private agency contact person can then register identified foster parents through the contact person identified in the quarterly training booklet. Registrations received from individual foster parents will not be accepted. A current "Letter of Agreement" must be on file at the SWORTC for that agency.
  4. 15-Minute Rule Compliance – All training participants will be subject to the SWORTC’s 15-Minute Rule. This rule states that participants must be present for the entire workshop in order to receive training credit, i.e., a certificate. If participants miss more than 15 minutes of the workshop by arriving late, leaving early or by being absent from the room for more than 15 minutes, then those participants will not be given a certificate and will not receive credit for attending.